About Me

Much of my influences come from the Caribbean. Growing up there, we had to find creative ways to solve problems and "make do" with what we had. Life was simple. My home was in a small village near the beach for most of my childhood and I spent many days watching the waves of the Atlantic ocean rolling to shore. I enjoyed collecting shells and small pebbles during my walks and I would use them to make craft items and jewelry.

I attended the University of the West Indies and studied Chemistry, Zoology and Food Technology. I met and married my husband shortly after graduation. I live in the US now and while working, I went back to school and obtained my MBA in Technology Management.

I still have that passion for making things. I am a self-taught DIYer but I also recognize the value of formal training to hone my skills. I took my first jewelry class at B Golden Jewelry School in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was hooked. I attended other classes at Pioneer Craft House for more silversmithing and making fused glass. I wanted to learn more. In 2021, I travelled to Mansfield, Ohio for 3 weeks and attended Drouhard National Jewelers School for training in Jewelry Repair and Diamond Setting, Advanced Diamond Setting and Design, Casting and Production.

I like unusual and unique things and I enjoy working with all types of materials to create items that are different from the norm.

My business name is Star Design Treasures. It is named for my horse “Star” and I also love anything that sparkles. I am currently working on a project centered around uplifting people. My brand is associated with the word "ASCENSION" and my logo is represented by a butterfly. If you look closely at it, you will also notice an arrow in the middle of the butterfly. There are several symbolism and messages at play here. Perhaps this symbol would come to mean something to you too.

For me, "Ascension" embodies transformation, change and growth into a beautiful being, just like the caterpillar which transforms into a butterfly and rises up, perhaps to the stars. It is a beautiful creature.

A piece of jewelry which itself has been transformed in the creation process, also holds the magic to transform the person who wears it. Through self-expression, jewelry boosts confidence and vibrancy. It brings out your inner beauty and makes you look and feel beautiful overall. When you feel beautiful, you also feel empowered.

As I am proudly introducing my creations, I would love to get your support and hopefully your enjoyment of my one of a kind pieces too.

Arise beautiful, confident and empowered with jewelry as unique as you!!